We've put together some of the most commonly asked questions about Bison products and services - with answers, of course. If you have a question that you can't find the answer to then contact our sales team on 01283 817500 or email technicalquery@bison.co.uk

Our standard range of retaining walls is designed to be able to retain material applied to either the front face or the rear face. The material can either be level with the top of the wall and subject to a surcharge or the material placed at an anlge of natural repose.

All of our culverts are besopke designs to suit the dimensions of the culvert, depth of fill and loading.

We are able to manufacture units that weigh 29Tonne. However, there will are certain size limitations with respect to crane height that can effect the maximum weight.

Smaller units can be offloaded with a forklift truck. For larger units a means of safe access needs to be determined and provided by the main contractor to access the lifters located on top of the culvert. The units can be lifted with a crane or a suitably sized 360 digger.

We can apply a protective coating in the factory, normally this is restricted to the soffit and part way up the sides. However, we can provide additional protection to all faces.

We are unable to hire lifting clutches. However, we can supply these as part of the contract based on a no return policy.

No, due to the location of the exposed wire being within a cavity then no protection is required.

For most jobs we can provide units within five days.

Yes we manufacture in compliance with CE marking requirements. Copies of the certificates are available from this website.

The Bridgedeck product is a temporary formwork system that is designed to support its own weight and the weight of the concrete deck during casting, plus an allowance for construction loads. By varying the depth of the lattice and the number and diameter of reinforcement bars, varying depths of concrete can be supported at different spans.

Large holes required for access opening, for example, can be accommodated by the placing the hole over the joint of two units. Actual requirements are on a project by project basis, as the maximum size of hole will depend on the fill depth, traffic loading, length of culvert and thickness of wall/roof.

Yes, please contact us for the most up to date list who operate in your area.


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